So Cute – Jill Biden Pulls an April Fools’ Day Joke on the Press and They All Laugh

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Jill Biden is not just Joe Biden’s traveling nurse, she also oversees comedy routines for the press.

After four years where the Trump family was abused by the media daily, the media has for some reason turned the page with the corrupt Biden clan.  Thursday on a flight from California to Washington, DC. the silly first lady “Dr.” Jill Biden, took time out to prank the media.

According to NBC:

Reporters traveling with first lady Jill Biden got an April Fools’ Day surprise on their flight back from California to Washington on Thursday.

During meal service, a flight attendant with a “Jasmine” nametag passed out Dove ice cream bars. She wore a black mask and a black pantsuit and had short black hair.

A few minutes later, “Jasmine” reemerged without the wig — revealing herself to be Jill Biden, laughing and proclaiming, “April Fools!”

Nothing gets by those reporters.  They are as sharp as hawks.

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These people don’t have a clue how much they all are despised by Americans.  They abused the greatest President in a century and the most gorgeous First Lady and family, daily for four years.  Then they watch and play defense as Democrats pilfer record-breaking election from Trump – just like good communists.  Now, they think it’s cute destroying a country while pulling silly little pranks on an airplane with each other while doing it.

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These people are sick.

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