Social Media Posts Prove Whitmer’s Top Aide Was Partying in FL While MI COVID Cases Surge 

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I live in Michigan and I have arguably, one of the worst Dem governors in the nation – and that’s saying a lot because the competition is rather stiff.


Whitmer has been a dutiful little Biden puppet and kept Michigan locked down forever: strict mask mandates, canceled sports, kids unable to go to school normally, you name it – we’ve had the whole 9-yards here…and yet, even with all of this, we currently have the most COVID cases in the nation.

How does that work?

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We’ve got Texas and Florida open like it’s 1999, and their cases are going down, but Michigan, with strict lockdowns, is a COVID petri dish?

That doesn’t add up folks.

And I’ll tell you what else doesn’t add up.

If this pandemic was truly so godawful and horrific, would the liberal elites be running around having the time of their lives, while their states are locked down?

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Of course they wouldn’t. They’d be scared to leave their houses. All the spooky stuff they tell us every day, they’d be following it ten-fold because people in power always know what’s going on behind the scenes. The reality of what was “really happening” would scare the life out of them, right?


Well, I say they do know what’s going on behind the scenes and that’s why they’re out and about kicking up their heels.

How that for a theory?

Just look at Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s “right-hand” girl….while Michigan is under a “COVID surge” and her boss is calling for travel restrictions and more lockdowns, she’s off in Florida, mask-free shaking her groove thing.

That’s right, Whitmer’s top aide is so worried about catching and spreading COVID, that she and her family and friends are literally whooping it up in “wide-open” Florida.

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Party-Hardy Tricia was busted when she posted her “Aides Gone Wild” pictures on social media.

Folks, we’re being played.

Whitmer’s team has admitted that yes, that is Gretchen’s aide in the social media posts, but beyond that, they haven’t had much else to say.

Meanwhile, Whitmer wants me, and you to stay home, not be with family, and avoid travel. She wants to shut restaurants down again, and inflict more economic pain on the middle class…and she’ll do all of that while her creepy look-alike aide sips wine coolers on a beach in Florida.

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If this doesn’t wake people up, I really don’t know what else will at this point.

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