Spring storm overnight, gusty thunderstorms precede howling winds

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A spring storm will surge northeast and push across central Indiana overnight. The central pressure of the storm will fall rapidly increasing winds around it and increasing the threat for more showers and thunderstorms. There are several hours before the weather turns active. The central pressure will drop from 1004mb to 996 in the course of twelve hours. Your at-home barometer will fall from 29.66″ to 29.41″ as the storm moves overhead and the quick drop will lead to strong wind gusts later tonight.

First up, a small window for a potential severe storm or two. A warm front lifting north brings instability into portions of southern Indiana from 8 pm to 12 am.

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The most unstable air arrives along and south of the warm front that is lifting north. Just before 5 pm, a tornado watch has been issued for the southern-third of the state until 12 am.


The parent storm will track northeast and exit the state into northeast Ohio early Friday morning but its web of tightly packed pressure lines will still influence much of the state through sunrise. Wind and plenty of it will be blowing later tonight.

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A HIGH WIND WARNING has been issued from 11 pm Thursday to 9 am Friday. We bracket the hours of 12 am to 5 am for the potential of a non-thunderstorm wind gust of 60 mph or possibly higher to occur then slowly ease into mid-morning Friday. Below is a snap-shot of one machine’s forecast of wind gusts later tonight. Pockets of heavy wind are possible but we are leaning toward eastern Indiana for perhaps the strongest gusts. Regardless, get ready for some window-rattling wind gusts late tonight.

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