Stories of impact help fallen Officer Breann Leath’s family heal

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INDIANAPOLIS – Friday marks one year since IMPD Officer Breann Leath was killed in the line of duty. Since April 9, 2020, stories of her impact from friends, family, co-workers and the community have poured in – giving us a closer look at her compassionate heart.

Her mother, Jennifer Leath, said those stories help with the healing process.

“I always am hearing a story about, ‘I met your daughter once and she was so nice. She came to my house and it was the worst day of her life, but she was so nice, and she was so pretty,’” Jennifer recalled. “Everybody remembers how beautiful she was.”

Bre was responding to a domestic disturbance on the east side where she worked when she was killed. Her death launched city-wide grieving from those who met her and those who wished they had.

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“We weren’t the only ones who got to experience her and benefit from her, and that’s comforting because then I think that I’m not alone in my sense of missing her,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said Bre was born with a servant’s heart and was every bit as special as people describe.

“At 13, we went and served meals at Wheeler Mission for her 13th Birthday,” Jennifer remembered.

Friday, Jennifer will stand at Bre’s graveside for a special service with peace in her heart.

“The most comforting thing is I know where she’s at,” Jennifer said. “She gave her life to Christ when she was very, very little. She was instantly gone, so I know that she was instantly with God and so I’m leaning heavily on that.”

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Jennifer also keeps Bre’s memory alive in Bre’s 4-year-old’s son’s life.

“He’s got her smile and her laugh, and he’s just as sensitive and kindhearted as she was, as little and so I’m hoping that he truly is like her,” Jennifer said.

In the Leath Family, saying “I love you” is a rule, and Jennifer is so grateful Bre followed that too.

“I know for a fact the very last thing I said to her was I love you,” Jennifer said. “The very last thing she said to me was I love you.”

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