Sunday ends wet for some; snow coming midweek!?

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There will be another good dose of sunshine for today as temperatures return to the lower 60s this afternoon. Clouds will begin to gather by mid-to-late afternoon, while winds remain light from the southwest at 5-10 mph.

Showers will be likely this evening, especially for the southern half of Indiana (including downtown Indianapolis). A few isolated storms could be in the mix across the southern third of the state with lightning and a heavier downpour. All rain should be exiting overnight.

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Monday will be the “Pick of the Week” with breezy winds and warmer temperatures as highs reach the middle 60s.

Clouds begin to gather on Tuesday with rain early evening. Rain will transition to snow overnight as colder air intrudes. This burst of snow could accumulate in spots by Wednesday morning on grassy areas and some untreated roads or that have cooled below 32°.

How much will fall?

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That’s tough to answer as models are showing ranges between 1″-4″, but what falls and accumulates will vary due to ground temperatures. Regardless, snow will be gone by Thursday! Although uncommon, April in Indianapolis averages .20″ of snowfall annually per the 30-year average!

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