Surge in air travelers comes with easing restrictions, more vaccinations

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INDIANAPOLIS– Interest in traveling and making future plans is picking up—raising questions about how to safely navigate travel guidelines.

Airports are seeing the highest number of travelers since the start of the pandemic. 

Kate Owen, a travel agent with EZ Pad Travel, says with easing restrictions and increased vaccinations, people are booing their next getaway as early as Memorial Day weekend.

“Pricing isn’t super high but it’s higher than usual,” Owen said.

“When summer break hits, there’s a high possibility that prices go up,” said Becky Liu-Lastres, Assistant Professor of Tourism at IUPUI. “Before, people would fly without hesitation and now they prefer to drive.”

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However, you choose to get to your destination, there’s a few things to keep in mind. 

“The CDC still recommends you are fully vaccinated before you traveling, even domestically,” said Melissa McMasters, Infectious Disease Administrator for the Marion County Health Department.

She recommends checking your destination’s restrictions by going to their county health department website. 

“You can visit the CDC website and it will tell you based on where you’re going what the incidents of COVID-19 is because there are states with spikes right now,” McMasters said.

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President Biden announced Thursday that the US will not require official vaccine passports but experts recommend keeping a copy with you just in case.

While we’re all itching for a getaway, experts say wait to be fully vaccinated and follow the guidelines in place to ensure a fun and safe summer vacation.

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