Suspect steals police car, crashes after chase leading into Anderson

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ANDERSON, Ind. — The Indiana State Police responded to a crash Saturday afternoon after a suspect stole a state police car and led police on a chase.

The ISP said the chase started around 2:45 after a trooper responded to an abandoned car on I-69. While the trooper was examining the vehicle, the suspect got out and began fighting with the officer.

The suspect was able to get away and jump into the trooper’s vehicle, taking off. The suspect led police on a chase along I-69 in Hamilton and Madison Counties before crashing into a semi-truck in the area of 53rd Street and Scatterfield in Anderson.

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The ISP said the suspect ran to a nearby McDonalds and tried to steal another car, but the car’s owner fought him off. The suspect tried to run away but was apprehended shortly afterward. The suspect is now in custody. No injuries were reported.

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