Tale of Two Presidents: These Side-by-Side Photos Say It All Without Uttering a Single Word

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I was cruising the internet this morning and I happened upon a tweet that literally made me stop scrolling in my tracks.


I thought it was so powerful and so honest, and I knew I had to share it with you.

Things like this tweet, while they may not be big “breaking news,” are a snapshot of what we’re all seeing and feeling during these difficult and strange times.

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There are many other ways to gauge the “temperature” in America, than just reading a story about how you’re supposed to feel from “The Hill.”

After all, our media is just a propaganda arm of the Dem Party.

Regular people are out there sharing what real Americans are talking about, and how they really feel, and that’s why I thought you’d appreciate this.

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As you likely know, Joe Biden fell three disastrous times yesterday while he struggled to make his way up the stairs and onto Air Force One.

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The images from the fall are ghastly – it just shows a weak, feeble so-called “president” who can’t communicate clearly, or even walk.

Yes, everyone has a misstep from time to time and stumbles – but this was much more than that – mainly due to all the questions and concerns surrounding Biden’s cognitive issues.

Just the other day he (once again) referred to Kamala as “President Harris.”


I know the media won’t tell you this, but I will: That’s NOT normal behavior and it’s certainly not a “childhood” stutter.

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There is something seriously wrong with that man, and it’s even more “suspect” that our media says nothing about it.

We’re being lied to and propagandized by our government and the “state-run” media, and the more they pile it on, the deeper the truth gets buried.

But this side-by-side image breaks through all that propaganda, and with no words whatsoever, says so much truth.


This is a reminder for everyone to stay engaged and keep fighting.

We may have lost a battle – a very big battle – but we haven’t lost the war, and we won’t.


Don’t get sad or depressed over what we’re facing, get filled with righteous anger and resolution, and get back in the battle…because the truth is out there, and in the end, it will prevail.

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