Teenager Declared “Dead” Starts Breathing Again Right Before His Organs Were Harvested

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An 18-year-old teenager from the UK was hit by a van, and declared “brain dead.”


The doctors told the family that he’d never recover, and wouldn’t be able to breathe on his own.

The family made the hard decision to take their son off life support and donate his organs.

But that young man had other plans…he wasn’t done living.

Just an hour before they were set to remove all his organs, he started breathing again (on his own) and even started responding to family.

Thank God they noticed this before they removed all his organs.

From New York Post

A UK teen was declared dead after being struck by a van – but hours before life support was to be turned off and his organs donated, he started breathing and is getting stronger by the day, according to a report.

Lewis Roberts, 18, who was hit by the vehicle in the town of Leek on March 13, appeared to have lost his fight for life at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, The US Sun reported.

But despite being given no chance of surviving four days after the accident and after his family was told he was brain dead, the young man made a miraculous comeback.

“After saying our goodbyes to Lewis, close family bravely agreed for his organs to be donated to help the lives of seven other people,” said Chloe Roberts, who has organized a fund-raiser for the family.

“This bought Lewis extra time before his life support machine was turned off. Just hours before Lewis’ surgery, he began to breathe again on his own.”

She added: “A miracle any family could wish for after being told he had zero chance of pulling through.”

His sister Jade Roberts posted an extraordinary video with her brother from his hospital bedside on March 18.

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She was recording the machine monitoring his breathing and said: “Are you ready Lew, one, two, three breathe.”

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The device then showed a brown line – which meant he was breathing –  and she cried out in surprise.

That’s when the family knew he would be okay.

In an update two days ago, Jade said on March 26 he had managed a full day without using a ventilator.

The family reports that Lewis is getting stronger every day and is well on his way to a full life.

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