The May-like feel is sticking around

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As promised, the weather fully cooperated for all your Easter Sunday plans. We had sunshine, light winds and temperatures that tied for the warmest of 2021, so far. The high temperature reached 74° Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis. That’s the average high temperature for May 19th. This time of year, normal temperatures max out in the upper 50s.

We keep the warmth on going. Temperatures tonight won’t cool down quite as much. We’ll be down to the upper 40s and lower 50s by Monday morning. These low temperatures will be running nearly 10° above average. It will still be cool, so kids at the bus stop will want at least a light jacket with them. However, dressing in layers they can easily shed as temperatures surge back to a May-like feel is highly recommended. Monday afternoon will bring temperatures slightly warmer than we had on Sunday. Winds will start to turn breezy but overall, it’s going to shape-up to be another fantastic day.

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Temperatures over these next several days will be running ~15° above average. Thicker cloud coverage and rain/storm chances moving in mid/late week will knock temperatures down, but we continue with above average temperatures all the way into next weekend.

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