This Newly “Updated” TIME Magazine Cover Will Make Liberal Heads Explode

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The Biden admin is in the midst of one of the most horrific political disasters you’ve ever seen…and we’re only 60 days in.


Biden’s voters are at their wit’s end right now, trying like hell to cope and cover for their inept leader, whose policies at the border are just downright cruel at this point and are imploding his presidency after only 60 days.

Check out these newly released photos of Biden’s facilities – migrant families are now crowded into cages. We’re hearing food is limited and so is showering.

How is this not a “super-spreader” situation?

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You remember what the propaganda media and Dems did to President Trump when all he did was use the facilities that Obama and Biden built, right?

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Well, he ended that and came up with the brilliant “stay in Mexico” policy, where asylum seekers had to wait in Mexico, not the US if they wanted asylum here.

Biden ended that policy, and the moment he did, this massive influx of illegal migrants began storming the border.


When President Trump was in office, the media and Dems “pounced,” and attacked him left and right.

Remember the infamous TIME Magazine cover?

Well, that cover of a crying migrant child looking up at Trump has been updated by a Trump supporter and replaced with a photo of Biden…and you know, liberals are going to lose their marbles.

And liberals are already having meltdowns over the updated photo. They’re trying to convince themselves that President Trump caused this mess at the border and Biden is somehow “trying to fix it.” Which is laughable.

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“A situation he inherited from the last administration and is try to get something done”

But Trump supporters are not letting them get away with it. Here’s a brilliant and correct response.


“The border was fine when Trump left. He had the successful “stay in Mexico” policy in place which deterred these people from coming. Biden ended that policy and THIS happened. Are you really this low-info that you don’t realize that, or is this just a desperate “cope?””

Don’t let up on these people. They’ve earned every bit of pushback that they get.

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Keep fighting and keep pointing out the truth.


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