TikTok Ads Advise Illegal Aliens and Criminals How to Game American Systems [VIDEO]

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TikTok and its official Chinese counterpart Douyin amassed over 2 billion downloads and penetrated one-third of all social media users on this planet in less than four short years.

100 Percent Fed Up – It is fair to say, then, that TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms in the world.  Despite some useful content, it consists primarily of mind-numbing short-form user videos that make one’s intellect jump out of their ears and beg for a more viable host.  TikTok has also pledged its allegiance to socialism and the Chinese Communist Party.  In fact, it is an integral part of a large and growing web of information warfare by the CCP to brainwash the globe in anti-Western ideologies and mind-numbing stupidity and excess.  It is also a vast data-collection service for the CCP as well.  That is largely why Trump sought to ban it or buy it out to make it fall in line with American values and laws.

Because President Trump was unsuccessful in this endeavor, TikTok has continued its march dismantling American society, culture, and rule of law.  They do this by not only promoting illegal immigration all over the platform, but actually hosting ads that advise illegals and criminals on how to cheat and game American systems, get whatever they want, and never leave.

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The National Pulse Reports:

“As a report from the outlet Mother Jones notes, “many of the advertisements seem to target undocumented Latin American immigrants with strong ties to the United States and few to no existing options for obtaining legal status.”

In fact, the Mother Jones article is title says “Flashy ads promise easy visas and green cards. There’s a reason they seem too good to be true.”  Even the radically far-left Mother Jones is acknowledging this outrageous practice and perhaps some of its dubious promises.


Permiso de trabajo! #abogada #inmigracion #tiktoklatino #arreglar

♬ Mexicano – Banda Maguey

“In other words, “immigrants who enter the country illegally, overstay a visa, or have certain criminal convictions or prior deportation orders” are the “population that the TikTok ads primarily target.”

Mother Jones explains the format of the ads, often using a hashtag “fix without leaving,”:

The TikTok posts usually follow a simple formula: With a mariachi song or reggaeton beat playing in the background, the lawyer dances and flashes work permits, while pop-up boxes urge the viewer to schedule a legal consultation. They also often carry the hashtag #arreglarsinsalir, or “fix without leaving,” implying that viewers can obtain legal status without having to go to an embassy or consulate abroad. The hashtag has topped 1 million views.

The advertisements – which TikTok doesn’t appear to be taking action against – frequently guarantee employment authorization in six months and a green card within two years, even if, as several ads say, “other attorneys have said you have no option.”

A foreign social media platform that is seeking to undermine US law and interests is hosting advertisements that do precisely that.  And perhaps billions of people use this app and its counterpart, Douyin.

What do you think about this, readers?  Is TikTok just mindless fun for people to kill time or a brainwashing tool?  Is it effective as a propaganda tool on children and adults that have been raised in broken homes without moral or constitutional anchors?  Is it now being used as a weapon against our society?

Or is it just a fun distraction throughout the day?

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