Tom Hanks’ Son Accused of Abusing His Black Girlfriend and Using Racist Slurs

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Tom Hanks’s son Chet, is accused of verbal and physical abuse of his girlfriend.


Kiana Parker has filed a protective order against Chet Hanks after several abusive situations took place, where she says she was verbally and physically abused.

She claims he called her a “ghetto black b*tch” during one violent episode.

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According to court documents, Parker, who’s been dating Hanks since March 2019, said the first incident happened last October in New Orleans.

She claims the trouble began when she said she wanted to leave the hotel for food, but Hanks wanted her to stay in the room.

One thing led to another, and she tried to leave and he stopped her using a lot of force, and verbal abuse.

Police were called, but she did not file charges at that time, fearing for her safety.

However, last December, things got even more heated.

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From ABC 13

A second incident allegedly happened a week after Hanks returned to their Sugar Land home around Dec. 22, 2020.

According to the protective order, Hanks threatened to kill her and himself even as her 9-year-old twins were in the home. After New Year’s, the victim alleges, those types of threats continued while she had family over.

On Jan. 6, 2021, Hanks’ girlfriend says things got even worse when she told Hanks she was leaving him. Around Jan. 8, 2021, she recalls in the court document that she returned to their Sugar Land home to move her belongings.

As she was packing, Hanks followed her and questioned her. While in the kitchen, Hanks put his hand on a knife and moved toward her, the protective order said.
The woman says she picked up a pot and swung it in the air to try to get away, but he grabbed her wrist. Eventually, the altercation moved outside in front of the home, where he allegedly wrestled to grab her phone as she recorded him and kicked her.

“During this process, I was screaming and asking for help,” she said in the court documents. “A man driving by stopped, yelled for Chet to get off me and called the police.”

The victim goes on to say that at one point, Hanks ran back into the house to look for his gun, which she hid earlier after he said he was having suicidal thoughts.

It ended when she was finally able to call the police through her assistant’s phone since they had not yet arrived while Hanks drove off.

Under the protective order, Hanks is barred from communicating directly with his girlfriend, except through an attorney, and from coming within 200 feet of her. He also can’t possess a firearm.

ABC13 reached out to Hanks’ attorney, Marty D. Singer, who says the claims against his client are false. In a statement, Singer said:

If Tom Hanks can’t control his abusive, violent son, why does he think he has a right to tell you and me how to live our lives and who to vote for?

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Maybe it’s time for Tom Hanks to stop focusing on politics and what other Americans are doing, and start focussing on his dysfunctional family.

Clearly, his son needs help and attention from his family.

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