Tracking May-like temperatures this week

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We are starting up the work week with mild temperatures and scattered cloud cover! Much of the area is going to stay dry today.

However, there is a wave of rain and thunderstorms traveling over northern Illinois this morning. Most of the activity will stay north of the Lafayette, Kokomo and Hartford City line.

The weather at the bus stop is going to be pleasant with temperatures near 50°. A jacket will be needed this morning, but likely not needed this afternoon!

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Temperatures will turn warm and rise more than 15° above average for the date. The forecast high in Indianapolis is 76°, which would make it the warmest day in 2021.

The stretch of the 70s will last for the next few days, but cooler changes arrive midweek. A storm system will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon. Even with the rainfall, temperatures will remain above average!

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