Trump’s New Official Statement is Only 3 Sentences, But It’s His Most Powerful One Yet

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President Trump has been finding clever ways to communicate with his supporters since he was banished from social media.

One of those ways is by doing a lot more interviews on Fox and Newsmax, and another way is by issuing statements.


President Trump has been issuing statements on every major issue that crops up – from Joe’s disaster at the border and his nightmare press conference, Trump is on top of everything.

But today, he issued a statement on something that hasn’t been talked about a lot – but should be.

President Tump issued a 3-sentence statement today, and even though it was so short – it was one of his most powerful yet.

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This statement tonight was about a topic near and dear to President Trump and his supporters: #SpyGate.

Trump wants to know what the heck has happened to John Durham.

This guy is so far-gone that he should have his face on a milk carton right now.


Whatever happened to the big Durham investigation? There was a time when Durham and Barr were supposedly jet-setting all over the globe collecting evidence, and now nothing.

You never hear a peep out of these people or any updates at all.

So, President Trump sent out a statement that simply read: “Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham repot?

All good questions, Mr. President – and every one of your supporters would like to know that answer.

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The one good thing about all this, is that President Trump is still fully engaged in this and other matters, and right now, with how Joe is already destroying the country with only 65-days in, we need that.

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