[VIDEO] Actual Mexican Human Trafficker Tells Univision His Business is “Booming” Thanks to Biden

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In case anyone is still wondering why there’s a border crisis, we now have an actual HUMAN TRAFFICKER on record making it crystal clear.

Univision interviewed an actual Coyote who traffics humans to the US from Mexico.


The first thing he wants to let us all know is that his business is BOOMING.

The next thing he wants to tell us is that business is booming thanks to Biden.


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Things at the border have gone from a crisis to a full-blown humanitarian hellscape.

From Western Journal

Since January, 861 criminal illegal aliens — including 92 sex offenders — have been apprehended at the southern border, according to Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings of the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector.

Hastings made the chilling revelation Saturday as nationwide anxiety escalates over the unprecedented border crisis inflamed by the Biden administration’s reckless policies.

For the fiscal year to date, Rio Grande Valley agents have “arrested over 861 criminal aliens, to include 63 gang members and 92 sex offenders,” the chief patrol agent said on Twitter.


And remarkably, while our Southern Border looks like a scene out of “Mad Max,” neither Kamala nor Joe have any plans to go down and check it out.

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But the guy who actually won the election does. President Trump will head down in a couple of weeks on behalf of ICE and Border patrol who reached out to him.

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