[VIDEO] After Being Booted From Biden Presser, Doocy Goes After Psaki With a Vengeance

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During yesterday’s disastrous Biden presser, which looked more like a 35-car pile-up than a press conference, Joe Biden had a hand-picked group of “friendy” reporters there to ask him softball questions.


People from Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax were not invited.

So, the reporters like Steve Doocy, who would have asked very tough but fair questions that the American people want answers to, were not allowed in the door.

Seems about right for Joe and his communist team, doesn’t it?

It’s obvious why that is – I am sure I don’t need to explain it to you – after all, Joe had a binder full of “cheat sheets” and he still stumbled and bumbled all through the presser. Imagine if he had actual reporters there asking tough questions? He’d have probably fainted…which might have been better, actually.

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At any rate, today, Peter Doocy resumed his usual post at the WH press briefing, and that’s where he was able to get a little revenge.

He unloaded on WH spox. Jen Psaki with a heated question that she didn’t much appreciate – you can tell by her snarky tone and that really angsty body language.

Peter wanted to know why Biden says the filibuster is “racist” now, but supported in 2005.

Was he “racist” back then?

Ha! Yikes.


But a fair question…

You can watch the video below:

Maybe next time Joe does a presser – if his handlers allow it – he should invite a more “diverse” group of reporters to ask questions.

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I don’t know if Joe realizes this or not, but a huge swath of the country doesn’t identify as liberal, and we would appreciate some of our questions and concerns represented at his “once-every-65-days” presser.

Otherwise, Peter Doocy is going to send inept Jen over the edge. 🤣

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