[VIDEO] Anger Erupts Over Kamala Harris’s Latest “Military Moment”

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Kamala Harris sparked anger when she opted not to salute the military as she bordered Air Force Two.


It’s not required protocol, but it’s a tradition that the last two VPs, including Bumbling Biden and Pence did on the regular.

Kamala doesn’t seem comfortable in the role she was installed into. It’s almost like she knows she’s somewhere she’s not mean to be.

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She always seems nervous when she’s answering questions from the press and she doesn’t partake in traditions. And it’s not because she’s a “cool so-called “VP,” it feels more like she’s awkward and out of place.

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Do you think this is offensive?

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments about Kamala’s supposed “diss”:

“To be fair she is completely unqualified to be in office and probably has no idea she is supposed to do that”

“I am still awestruck as to how a person with a 0 to 1% approval rating even got this far”

“What an asshole she is”

“Because she’s a communist!!”

“Because Kamala has no respect for the military or the police. So Kamala just leaves the soldiers handing out there without acknowledging their salute. Abysmal!!”

“How disrespectful !! Not to salute the military when she arrives at or steps off Air Force”

The blatant and purposeful disrespect is disgusting and appalling. I am a retired veteran and always return a salute!”

“She only salutes the ChiComms. And Big Willie Brown.”

“She likely does not know to do it.”

I do agree. Kamala just doesn’t know what she’s doing.

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She’s probably still wondering how the heck she even ended up as the so-called “VP.”


This woman had to drop out of the primary early because nobody wanted her.

Once again, a total and complete sham.


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