[VIDEO] Biden Finally Speaks to Reporter and Within Seconds It Backfires

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Well it’s all starting to become abundantly clear why Team Biden is fighting so desperately to keep him away from the press.

In a recent video, it appears that Biden somehow managed to slither his way over to reporters and needless to say, it was an absolute disaster.


After facing scrutiny for not having any Asian-Americans in his cabinet, Biden hit back by claiming that he has the most diverse cabinet and does indeed have Asian-American’s at “different levels.”

Watch the video:

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Biden’s claim that he has Asian-Americans in “different levels” of his cabinet is a real blanketed statement and he actually faced criticism back in late January for not having any Asian-Americans at the top of his cabinet.

From USA Today

Things were looking up for the rapidly growing Asian American electorate after the 2020 election.

Voter turnout in the community had been bigger than ever before, and Joe Biden, the candidate most had supported, had won the presidency. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, Biden’s vice president, was of South Asian heritage.

So when Biden – whose Cabinet is shaping up to be the most diverse in U.S. history – failed to name a single Cabinet secretary of Asian American or Pacific Islander descent, the backlash was bitter – and compounded by a longstanding sense of feeling left out of federal decision-making. Every presidential Cabinet since 2000 has included an Asian American until now.

“It’s insulting and frustrating,” said Madalene Mielke, president and CEO of the Asian Pacific American Institute of Congressional Studies. “Part of the reason Asian Americans vote is that they’re looking for people who can represent them. And it stings, because it looks like we’re regressing.”


Yeah, nice try Biden, but no dice.

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Again…this is why he shouldn’t talk to anyone.

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