[VIDEO] Biden Sits Silent, Looks Glazed Over as Press Literally Screams Questions at Him

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Joe Biden is on a downward spiral.

He’s gone from bad to worse, to off the charts in such a short period of time.


But that hasn’t stopped the handlers from pushing him out there in front of the world, looking like a glazed donut – sitting there, completely blank and thoughtless – I’m sure our enemies enjoy the chuckle.

Well, if that’s the case, this latest clip will really have them rolling in the aisles.

Joe is seated at the Oval Office desk – fully vaccinated – with his MASK on – while the press literally screams bloody murder at him.

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He looks like he doesn’t even know they’re there. His eyes are a blank stare, and the only real “sign of life” he shows is when he glances over at Kamala for what appears to be “help.”

Why is she always there, lurking around? Was traitor Pence always lurking around Trump and we just didn’t notice?


Here’s what some people said about the clip:

He’s been given the vaccine, why does he have the mask other than for theatrics?

Was Pence always lurking in the shadows and I just never noticed?

Who is the woman always yelling, “come on guys let’s go” like there is a bomb in the room?

Biden has no idea who or where he is.

I’d like to see a few instances of him without @VP babysitting him.

How can he run a country when he can’t even talk to the press? This is scary.


Joe is getting worse by the day.

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Not sure how much longer the handlers can keep this up.

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