[VIDEO] Biden’s Slurring Worsens, Can’t Remember Everyday Words in Latest Bizarre Speech

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Joe Biden has been dragged out of his basement to deliver a speech about COVID.


Nevermind that the actual topic of the speech was asinine – the fact that he slurred his way through it and couldn’t even remember common words was equally alarming.

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Biden took to the airwaves to urge states like Texas to lockdown again and reinstate their mask mandates.

Since Texas has opened back up 100 percent, their COVID numbers have gone down.

For a man who preaches about “science” and numbers, Biden sure doesn’t like to listen to either.

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Why are Dems so hell-bent on ignoring success and keeping this county in a state of perpetual lockdown?

I think we all know the answer – COVID is the cornerstone of the great globalists reset – and right now Biden is laser-focused on his new communist move: Vaccine Passports.

And speaking of vaccine passports, Governor DeSantis says, “no thanks.”

If America opens up and gets back to normal, the Dems greatest “power tool” is taken away and they can’t have that.

Joe did his best to try and come off as “old reliable Joe,” just talking “real” with the American people, he even hunched down and leaned into the mic and did that weird “whisper” he does…honestly, it felt like he wanted to sniff all of us.

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However, the “real” moment was lost because Joe’s slurring was heavy he and couldn’t remember simple words.

Instead, of saying we cannot risk more “deaths,” Biden told America we cannot risk more “desks.”



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To his credit, Joe did correct himself this time – I guess this was one of his “better” days.

You can watch the video below:

While America weeps and wonders how on earth we ended up with a senile buffoon leading the way, our enemies are rolling on the floor, laughing at us right now.

And they’re not just laughing because Biden is a dementia patient…They’re laughing because we can’t figure out our genders, our military is “woke,” and a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate is being used to literally cripple the entire country.

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Sadly, this COVID virus is not going away anytime soon.

There is no way on earth that Dems will give up that kind of power. No way.

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