[VIDEO] Big Plot Twist: George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Just Dropped Jaws in Court

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Things are getting very interesting in the Groege Floyd trial.


A lot of big things happened today.

One item to note is that a police trainer testified that he did not think Officer Chauvn’s restraint of Mr. Floyd was a “neck restraint.”

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Here’s what a BBC reporter tweeted out: “#ChauvinTrial Sgt Mercil asked if he can see the placement of Chauvin’s head? Yes. Another photo 1046, you can see Mr Chauvin’s knee between the shoulder blade of Mr Floyd? Yes Sir. Does this appear to be a neck restraint? No Sir”

It looks like the defense is arguing that it was a “shoulder” restraint, not a “neck restraint.”

So, that means the “cause of death” would be questioned.

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And that leads us to the biggest bombshell of the day – which happened when the man who was in Floyd’s car (identified ass his “drug dealer” by Floyd’s girlfriend) refused to testify at court – he pleaded the 5th – because he’s worried that he will be charged in Floyd’s murder.


Court TV reporter Julie Grant shared a couple of tweets:


“BIG TWIST: Moories Hall’s attorney says his testimony could expose him to a 3rd degree murder charge (drug delivery resulting in death). If the State’s legal theory is positional asphyxiation, why object to the defense calling Hall as a witness?”

She makes a very important point here:

“ALSO IMPORTANT: Notice how the State is not offering Moories Hall immunity from prosecution. Seems to me the State wants to leave open the possibility of being able to charge him in the future. ”

Below is the drug dealer’s lawyer speaking on why her client won’t testify.

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You can watch the video below:

A lot of people believe that Chauvin was overcharged, to begin with, in an effort to help calm the rioting mobs that were raging out of control.

Now, if the book and the entire bookcase aren’t thrown at him, there will be mass rioting – the likes of which we’ve never seen.


Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Scary times.

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I’d hate to be a juror on that trial – or a resident of Minneapolis.


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