[VIDEO] Chilling Video On Dark Minneapolis Street, Listen to How Many Live Rounds Are Fired During Protest

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We were told that when Joe Biden was installed, love and unity would follow.


What happened?

Seems like the whole world is falling apart with so many shootings, attacks, and now riots.

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This is not the liberal utopia we were promised.

The left told us that once “Orange Man Bad” was removed, everything would be peachy-keen…I think we were sold a bunch of malarkey.

The latest unrest is unfolding once again in Minneapolis. That city is a mess, top-to-bottom. First, we had the death of George Floyd, which caused massive outrage and riots – and the trial of Officer Chauvin is going on as we speak.

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Now, a young man by the name of Duante Wright, was just shot and killed when he resisted arrest during a traffic stop.

According to bodycam footage, it appears as if the cop accidentally used her gun instead of a taser to stop the suspect, who lunged into his car after breaking free from her partner.

If that’s what happened, this woman should be removed from her post, the case should be investigated, and she should be disciplined and or punished appropriately.

We also need a life-saving public service campaign to teach this younger generation how to behave when they’re stopped by police. We also need to teach police how to be better stewards of the community, not Gestapo’s.

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In the meantime, there are protests, looting, and riots unfolding in Minneapolis.

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This video here is bone-chilling. It takes place on a dark and creepy street, where live rounds are fired off. I lost count at around 20 shots….how many did you guys get?

You can watch the video below:

Let’s hope this situation is properly resolved and we don’t get sidetracked by these self-serving activists and politicians who are making millions of dollars off of these tragedies.


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