[VIDEO] COVID Police Bust Into Easter Mass And Shut it Down “This is Unlawful Assembly”

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People have lost their minds over this virus.


We’ve got two kooky sides right now – one side is so fanatical, they won’t leave their house, they wear 17 masks, and haven’t touched another human for over a year. The other side of the kooky spectrum believes COVID isn’t real – it’s all “fake” and there is no virus.

Both of these groups of people are wrong.

COVID is very real – I’ve had it – a bad case, to boot. My mom and daughter had it as well…it was worse than the “flu” for us – but it reacts differently in people. Some people have little to no symptoms, while others get walloped.

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But it’s very real, and I believe it was used on us like a bioweapon, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic for another day.

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Personally, I don’t believe masks work, and I don’t think a silly “6-foot social distancing” will stop this highly contagious virus. These are just “visual tools” that are used to market this “pandemic.” And yes, I do believe that it’s being used as a political weapon. I believe that many have died FROM COVID, but a massive amount have died WITH COVID.

So, I think the numbers are probably way off. Many people who die of cancer, had a cold virus in their body at the time of their death…that doesn’t mean they died FROM the cold. They died WITH the cold. Does that make sense?

This is a hugely important point that never gets talked about.


But regardless of where you land on the “COVID” issue, you have to admit that people have lost their freaking minds – and we have the media and Dems to thank for that.

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And nowhere was that insanity on bigger and bolder display, than in London, where the “COVID police” literally BUSTED into a Good Friday Mass service and shut it down, calling it an “unlawful assembly.”

You can watch the video below:

So, let me get this straight…A group of people in a well-aired church is dangerous and unlawful, but this is healthy and complies with the law?

And this ladies and gentlemen is exactly why people have a really hard time taking this pandemic seriously.

This makes ZERO sense.

All of these people packed in like sardines in a tin-can, with recycled putrid air floating around is perfectly okay, but sitting in a church is not.




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They won’t answer this question…because there is no answer, except to admit that this is not about a “pandemic,” it’s about CONTROL.


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