[VIDEO] Cruz Shares Shocking Footage of Dem Operative Physically Blocking Cameras at Migrant Facility

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How badly does the Biden admin want to hide what’s going on down at the border?


Well, according to this new footage shared by Ted Cruz, really, really, really badly.

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As you likely know by now, Ted and several other senators are down at the border examining and exposing the humanitarian nightmare that’s unfolding under Joe Biden’s inept “leadership.”

However, the Biden admin does not want raw pictures or videos leaking out – and they don’t want the press poking around either.

Sure, Biden’s handlers will put out their “North Korea-style” propaganda videos to try and make everyone happy, but it’s not working.

Everyone knows there’s a much bigger, and much more damning story brewing at the chaotic border.

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And the reason why there’s such a mess down there is that Joe Biden raised his hand during the Dem primary debate and said he’d give “free” healthcare to illegal migrants.

Logically speaking, after a so-called “president” is on record offering freebies, it only makes sense that migrants would pack up and make a run for the border.

This isn’t rocket science.

So, that irresponsible pledge from Joe, along with him canceling President Trump’s wildly successful “Stay In Mexico” program has resulted in a humanitarian nightmare of epic proportions.

But Biden’s people don’t want you to know that.

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So now, the “powers that be” have sent DC flunkies down to the border to physically block US Senators from taking video, and even threaten elected officials who are trying to get the truth out to the American people.

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You can watch the video below:

Clearly, Biden’s handlers are desperate to keep the truth about what’s going on at the border a secret from the American people.

And now, they’re using the excuse that it “infringes on migrants’ privacy” to take video and pictures.


Gee, I don’t recall anyone saying that while Prtedsoiodnet Trump was in office, do you?

This is just more “smoke and mirrors” from the Biden admin – the same sketchy coverups that we’ve come to know since the first day he was installed.

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Republicans need to keep pushing even harder because it’s clear that the pressure they’re applying now is working.


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