[VIDEO] Dan Bongino Hooked Ol’ Joe Up to a “Bullsh*t Meter” and It’s Pure Gold

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Dan Bongino as we all know is taking over for the late Rush Limbaugh and already he’s hitting it out of the park.

He shared an amazing video that shows just how full of it Biden really is.


Biden is kicking his war on guns into overdrive and is just spewing out every lie the left has ever come up with on firearms with no self-control whatsoever.

Bongino expertly tracks Biden’s “bullsh*t meter” in his latest speech on guns and boy, oh boy, it was goin’ off the charts.

Check it out:

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I mean, he’s just throwing anything at the wall at this point and seeing what sticks.

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The man has absolutely no regard for facts at this point.

Even WaPo roasted him for these wild inaccuracies.

From The Washington Post

Still, Biden’s phrasing can leave the impression that no background checks are required at gun shows. Our colleagues at PolitiFact labeled Biden’s statement as “mostly false.” We would lean more toward “half true,” (i.e., Two Pinocchios) given how Biden’s statement could be misinterpreted.

Some gun-control experts, however, found little fault with Biden’s phrasing.

“You are absolutely right that you can’t buy any gun from any seller at a gun show — as you note, gun dealers still have to do a background check,” said Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles and author of “Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.” But he said it was parsing Biden’s statement too closely to say he was wrong.


Of course, no one is really entertaining this nonsense except your far-left liberal loons.

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Middle America is certainly not buying this junk.

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