[VIDEO] Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Reveals What the FBI is Really Up To…

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Here’s a question that most of America are asking: What the hell is going on with the FBI?


That’s the question that former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino reveals what the FBI is really up to…and it’s alarming.

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Dan points out that the FBI was warned about 18 actual terrorists – 18 – and they failed to stop all of them.

Instead, the FBI is literally running around the country, laser-focused on so-called “political dissidents” who don’t agree with the progressive religion.

The FBI is supposed to be a non-partisan group. Do they feel that way to you? No, they don’t.

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I’ll tell you why…It’s because the FBI is making the slow turn into full-blown communism.

See, communists believe that prison is “fascism” and the only people who actually should be locked up are political dissidents.

The FBI has now taken on this role as well.


They’d rather arrest Trump supporters who shared memes in 2016 or Granny’s in MAGA hats wandering around the Capitol than arrest actual criminals and terrorists.

This is a communist mindset.

And this does not only apply to the FBI, it also applies to our entire intel community, and sadly, the upper echelon of our military is heading down this same dangerous road as well.

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Dan get’s it, and he not only calls the FBI out, but he also lists the 18 “known” terrorists that they completely let slip through the cracks.

You can watch the video below:

How can a so-called “distinguished” bureau get things so wrong so often?

Is this a case of utter incompetency, or political ideology?


My guess, based on the direction of the current progressive movement today, is ideology.


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