[VIDEO] Freshman Rep Lisa McCalin Absolutely Torches Pelosi on House Floor For Not Censuring Maxine Waters

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If you want to talk about insurrections and inciting violence, you don’t need to look at President Trump, because he didn’t do that – but you can look at Maxine Waters, because that’s what she just did in Minneapolis and that’s what she’s been doing her entire miserable career.

After traveling – with a police escort – to Minneapolis, and urging an already “jumpy” crowd to stay in the streets and “get more confrontational,” the GOP sought to censure Waters.


But Speaker Pelosi, who supposedly is so “outraged” by any incitement of riots and violence, didn’t think Waters should be punished. As a matter of fact, Pelosi urged Waters not to apologize for what she said.

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The House voted, and of course, the hypocrites who all voted to impeach Trump, voted not to censure Maxine Waters.

Typical Democrats, right?

Well, one Freshman congresswoman by the name of Lisa Mcclain has had it with the hypocrisy and Pelosi, so she took her place on the House floor and she ripped Pelosi a new one.

“If this were reversed, if this was said by a Republican, you know Mrs. Madame Speaker that the majority of this chamber would move to strip that representative from their committees and possibly vote to remove that person from Congress,” McClain said.

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We’re not in power right now, so there’s only so much we can do “punishment” wise — but there’s a lot we can do in the court of public opinion, and that’s what we must keep doing.

We’ve got to keep fighting and calling the Dems out every single chance we get, with as much passion and righteous fury as possible.

Trust me, they’ll feel it, and it will wear them down.

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