[VIDEO] Hands-Down, Most Hilarious and Spot-On Parody of Dems Hypocrisy Over Biden “Cages” 

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What’s happening at the border is certainly not a laughing matter. It’s actually a dangerous and Godawful crisis that the left is creating to enhance their voting block and further hurl this county into the depths of despair.


However, even though what we’re facing is deadly serious, s0ometimes humor can not only help us cope with the overwhelming enormity of it all but also reach other people who may not understand what’s actually going on.

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So, when I saw this amazing video, I thought maybe you’d like to see it and share it, too.

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I have watched a ton of parody videos in my day, and many are very, very good…but his one here is just a step above the rest.

This short clip highlights how liberals were foaming at the mouth over “kids in cages” when Trump was in office but now couldn’t care less about Biden’s overflowing cages.

This is literally laugh-out-loud funny because it’s so true. It’s funny because it’s hardly an “exaggeration” of what actually went on and how people, who once were losing their ever-loving minds, are now all “oh, everything’s fine….”

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You can watch the video below:

All Dems and the media did was change the name from “cages” to “facilities” and that was enough to make liberals feel perfectly okay with the humanitarian nightmare unfolding at the border.

Once again, that should show everyone what a bunch of phony, politicized hacks these people are.


Nothing is sincere and everything is political to the communist Democrats.


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