[VIDEO] If These Parents Had Maskless John Kerry On Their Lap They Could’ve Stayed On The Plane 

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There’s a lot of unknowns when it comes to COVID.


But one thing we do know is that the elites don’t have it nearly as bad as us peasants do.

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Elites like Joe Biden tell you not to be with family on Easter, right as he’s heading out the door to go be with his.

Gavin Newsom closes down restaurants and kills people’s livelihoods, but then parties his swanky butt off at fancy French restaurants.

And who can forget John Kerry – the “Ketchup King,” lounging in first class on a domestic flight, completely mask-free…nobody said a word to him.

Liberal Elitist John Kerry lives by an entirely different set of rules than you and I do.

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He doesn’t have to follow the tyrannical lockdown rules.

He can do whatever he pleases.


However, this middle-class family, traveling with their two-year-old toddler on a Spirit Airlines flight, didn’t have experience the same blessed liberal luxury as the exalted Ketchup King did.

Not even close…

Because when their little baby wanted to eat, and the flight attendant caught wind of the maskless toddler, she threw them off the plane.

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You can watch the video below:

Gee, maybe if these parents had John Kerry sitting on their laps, they could’ve stayed on the plane?


Isn’t COVID smart? It actually knows to leave the elites alone, and only infect and wreak havoc on us lowly peasants.

Amazing “scientific” stuff.

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