[VIDEO] Is WH Using Little “Trick” To Get Rid of Joe’s Embarrassing Blunders?

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Is the White House re-writing history to make Joe Biden seem less dumb?


That’s what some people are wondering after an official WH video appears to have cleverly edited out Joe’s latest bungle during an event with Japan’s Prime Minister.

As you likely know by now, Joe and Kamala thoroughly embarrassed the United States yesterday during the Japan PM visit.

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It started off when Joe was apparently too “sick” to come down and greet the PM, and instead, his very awkward and unsure sidekick Kamala stepped in.

Then, later, after Joe was “fixed up” by his handlers, he met with the PM in the Rose Garden, where things got even weirder for a lot of different reasons.

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One, in particular, was when Joe was seemingly unable to figure out what to actually call the Prime Minister.

There’s that pesky “childhood stutter” again, right?

<eye roll>

You can watch the video below:

However, here’s where things get “crafty” and really bizarre.

The official WH Twitter account posted the video of the Rose Garden remarks, but Joe’s embarrassing blunder is now mysteriously missing.

Start at about the 5:26 mark and watch through to the 6:15 mark, and you can actually see and hear the editing.


Is this is just more of the phony ‘Biden Show’ that we’re all watching unfold before our very eyes?

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But, we’re told what we’re seeing and hearing isn’t real, and it feels to many as if we’re being spoon-fed this “alternate reality,” where Joe is this amazing, strong, and totally commanding leader, not the shaky, feeble, confused bozo a lot of people see without the “edits.”


There is a name for stuff like this – it’s called propaganda, and countries like China and North Korea unleash this garbage on their citizens – those communists are just better at it…and they probably have better “leaders” to work with.

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