[VIDEO] It’s Not Just Joe Who’s Playing Tricky Games With The Public…Kamala is Too

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The elites think the peasants are really stupid.


They don’t think we’ll believe what we all see and hear with our own eyes and ears.

We live in a world of “spin,” where there is no longer “truth,” just other people’s opinions, and that’s how the left wants it because that way they can make anything “be” whatever they want or need for it to be.

So, when you see Joe unable to string a sentence together, you’re not seeing a senile man who likely has late-stage Dementia – no – you’re just seeing a “childhood stutter.”

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When you see Joe Biden fall up a flight of stairs three times, you’re not watching a shaky, old feeble man who lost his balance – no – you’re watching a gust of wind knock over a strong leader.

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See how this works?

It’s a word game and a show.

It’s like watching a poorly-produced “reality show” come to life right before our eyes.

But it’s not just happening with Joe. Kamala does it too…she says one thing, but we’re supposed to “see/hear” something completely different.

Take this recent video of Kamala speaking in North Carolina, where she was desperately trying to sell Joe’s jobs plan.

While there, Kamala suffered another embarrassing moment when she tried to crack a stupid and unfunny joke.


It fell completely flat, and nobody laughed.

You can actually hear with the ears God gave you that nobody laughed.

But according to Kamala, “everybody” was laughing at her joke.


You can watch the video below:

I know it might seem like a small thing, watching this awkward woman pretend that a joke she said was a huge success, but it’s part of a much bigger plan that’s unfolding.

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Nothing we see or hear is real – it’s either staged or twisted to fit into a pre-determined agenda.


And that agenda is: Joe and Kamala are the most beloved political team in American history.

And everything must fit into that agenda, even the jokes. How can anyone NOT laugh at the most popular VP in the universe? Impossible. They’re all laughing. Eeverybody is laughing….so why aren’t you?

That’s what we’re dealing with now.

This entire admin is total smoke and mirrors show.

It’s never what you see or hear for yourself, it’s what they TELL you that you’re seeing and hearing – and that’s not a “kooky conspiracy theory.” Sadly, this is our bizarre reality.

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