[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Has Had Enough of Peter Doocy…Just Look at Her Face

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Peter Doocy is literally taking over CNN’s Jim Acosta as the leading antagonist for the White House Press Corps and conservatives are loving it!

With every idiotic statement from Jen Psaki, Doocy is there with a fantastic rebuttal that you know is driving Psaki absolutely nuts.


She’s been doing decent at holding her composure and not showing her irritation too much, but during this latest presser, you can see Psaki is starting to crack, especially when Doocy started nailing the Biden administration on their disastrous border policies.

Check it out:

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Good grief, Psaki looks so triggered it’s as if she’s attempting to fire deadly eye-lasers at Doocy.

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Clearly, the pressure of this border crisis is weighing on her, especially after newly released photos show the shocking conditions of Biden’s detention centers and have recently kicked up quite a bit of controversy.

From The Associated Press

President Joe Biden’s administration has tried for weeks to keep the public from seeing images like those that emerged Monday showing immigrant children in U.S. custody at the border sleeping on mats under foil blankets, separated in groups by plastic partitions.

Administration officials have steadfastly refused to call the detention of more than 15,000 children in U.S. custody, or the conditions they’re living under, a crisis. But they have stymied most efforts by outsiders to decide for themselves.

Officials barred nonprofit lawyers who conduct oversight from entering a Border Patrol tent where thousands of children and teenagers are detained. And federal agencies have refused or ignored dozens of requests from the media for access to detention sites. Such access was granted several times by the administration of President Donald Trump, whose restrictive immigration approach Biden vowed to reverse.

The new president faces growing criticism for the apparent secrecy at the border, including from fellow Democrats.


This is an absolute disaster for the Biden administration…

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But Psaki better buckle-up, because there’s sure to be more controversies on the horizon.

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