[VIDEO] Jen Psaki’s Description of Kamala Harris During Today’s Pressser Raised Everyone’s Eyebrows 

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We reported a couple of weeks ago that there were some changes going on with the Biden admin.


They were “rebranding” for lack of a better word – and instead of being called the “Biden admin” they wanted to be called the “Biden-Harris admin.”

They even changed up the official webssite.

Interesting right? Especially since nobody really knows who’s running the show.

Well, today, Jen Psaki made things even more “interesting” during an exchange with a reporter.

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Eyebrows were raised through the roof by the way Jen described Kamala.

She sounds a lot more like a so-called “commander in chief” than a VP sidekick.

Here’s the exchange:

Reporter – Is there anything to be read into sort of the rebranding of the Biden administration to the Biden and Harris administration? Has —

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Jen – Is it a rebranding?


Reporter – Well, when you look on the website, it’s, you know, not — it’s “Biden-Harris,” and that’s not been necessarily the norm in the past. Is there any message being sent by that? Or what’s meant to be — what can be extrapolated from it?

Jen – I would take from it that Vice President Harris is an important partner. She’s the first in the room and the last in the room on most occasions, if she’s in town and not traveling around the country. It’s a reflection of the important role that she will play moving forward.

You can watch the video below:

It’s really absurd that everyone – even the press – has to tapdance around these people to try and get to the truth.

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We the people have a right to know who is running this country.


We know it’s not the dementia patient – is it the cackling sidekick or someone else in between?

This coy little act isn’t cutting it anymore. We’ve got a disaster at the border, Americans are losing their jobs, communist vaccine passports are on the way, higher taxes, and gas prices are soaring…We have a right to know who is behind this mess.

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