[VIDEO] Jill Biden Experiences Her Most Humiliating Public “FLOTUS” Moment Yet

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It’s pretty apparent that the Biden crew is desperate to gain favor with Hispanics in any way possible after Joe’s border policies have created a humanitarian crisis of mass proportions.

But, the Biden who’s trying to save face now is Jill, and boy does she step in it big time.


During an event that honored Caesar Chavez, Jill spoke to a whopping crowd of 17 or so people, where she absolutely butchered the famous phrase amongst Hispanics: “Si Se Puede,” or “Yes we can.”

Jill apparently skipped her high school Spanish cause her pronunciation was an absolute mess and the phrase ended up sounding like “See Se Pawd Way.”

Check it out:

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This is absolutely cringe-worthy and many on Twitter also had a hard time watching this desperate pandering:

Where’s my Chinese translate app when I need it?

My God, her cackling voice is god awful. No wonder the dogs are biting everyone

It’s really funny how they invoke Caesar Chavez who set up wet lines on the boarder to beat up illegal immigrants and send them back to Mexico…

It means in most languages, “There is not a doctor in the house”

Is she trying to out crazy joe? Cause I feel like she is

And that’s another thing…why are pro-immigration folks like Jill Biden even attending an honorary event for Caesar Chavez?

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I mean, the guy absolutely hated immigration and open borders.

Are they aware of this inconvenient truth?


These people are so self-absorbed and out of the loop, that it’s practically comical at this point.

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They’ve literally become walking, talking parodies of themselves.

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