[VIDEO] Kamala Cackles Hysterically When Asked If She’ll Visit The Border Crisis

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What’s happening at the border isn’t a laughing matter, but don’t tell Kamala that because she’s all “giggles” about it.

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I can’t decide what’s worse: Hillary’s witchy cackle, or Kamal’s nervous-wreck cackle.


I am going to go with Kamala, just because I have to hear it more. But they’re both brutal and can cause ear-bleeding.

And speaking of Kamala’s cackle – she was really “cackling it up” today when she was asked by a reporter if she was going to the border.

What the heck is so “funny” about that?

In case she and Joe don’t realize it, there’s a massive crisis down at the border which they caused. A crisis so serious, that our nation’s health and security are at risk…not to mention all of those poor migrant children who have likely been trafficked and kidnapped, and only God knows what else…

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And now that we’ve all seen the photos of Biden’s cramped cages we know it’s a hell-hole for everyone being kept there. They’d be better off back at home.

So, given all this, it’s a bit perplexing that the so-called “VP” of the United States would start cackling like a crazed hen when asked if she planned to go check it out, right?

But that’s exactly what Kamala did.

She laughed. A lot…and then never gave an answer on when she’ll be going.


Imagine if there was a flood in a state, and President Tump was asked if he was going to go visit and he just stood there laughing like a stoned teenager?

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Do you think the media might focus on that?

No need to answer…of course they would…24/7.

The Biden admin is a gong show.


They are literally a “Gong Show Admin.” They’re not ready for anything and they can’t answer any questions – and the reason why is because these two clowns are not running the show. They have no idea what’s actually happening because there are other, far more powerful people making the decisions and calling the shots behind the scenes.

But regardless of all that, it’s utterly insulting and a total slap in the face that this woman is actually “laughing” when so much is going wrong and hurting so many people.

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Shame on her.


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