[VIDEO] Kamala Laughs So Hard Discussing “Struggling Parents” You Can Hardly Understand Her

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Who laughs like this?


It seems like Kamala Harris has some nervous disorder because it’s not normal to laugh like this, especially when discussing things that are not remotely funny.

It happens a lot. She bursts out into this over-the-top laughter at the oddest moments.

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It’s hard to tell if it’s just a nervous/insecure laugh, or if she has an actual disorder.

But this latest incident is really over the top.

Kamala is laughing so hysterically while talking about struggling parents and kids, that you can hardly understand her.

Our nation’s kids are being left behind. Suicides are at an all-time high, depression, drug abuse, and falling behind in school.

Many of the kids and families hit hardest are poor families.

There’s nothing funny about this at all. Not at all.

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I know parents who are so lost and feeling so much pressure and depression because they can’t send their kids to school – it’s not a laughing matter. It’s probably one of the most serious and horrific things happening right now in this country.

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Is this how a professional and compassionate so-called “VP” should be acting? Laughing like a hyena over something that so many Americans are struggling with?

You can watch the video below:

I went online and looked it up and there is a disorder that causes uncontrollable laughter (and crying). It’s called Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA).

Here’s what it says about the disorder:

Pseudobulbar affect is a nervous system disorder that can make you laugh, cry, or become angry without being able to control when it happens.

If you or someone you love has pseudobulbar affect, you might notice:

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Sudden, intense fits of crying or laughter that aren’t controlled
Crying or laughter that doesn’t seem right for the situation
Outbursts of frustration and anger
Facial expressions that don’t match emotions

The outbursts can happen several times a day or many times a month.

Symptoms aren’t linked to mood. In other words, you may feel happy but start crying and not be able to stop. Or you could feel sad but start to laugh when you shouldn’t. You might just cry or laugh a lot. Some people say the symptoms come on so quickly it’s like a seizure. It’s easy to mistake the symptoms for those of depression or bipolar disorder.

If you have PBA, you might get anxious or embarrassed in public. You might worry about a future episode and be tempted to cancel plans with friends or family. It can also lead to depression or anxiety.


If you’re caring for someone who has it, you might feel confused or frustrated. The emotional toll of the condition can greatly affect recovery and quality of life. It’s important to seek care and treatment from a qualified doctor.

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Obviously, I’m not a doctor, but this might explain why Kamala is always having these strange and inappropriate fits of laughter.



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