[VIDEO] Latino Trump Supporter Gives Jill Biden a Much-Needed Spanish Lesson

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There’s nothing white Democrats love more than virtue signaling to minority voters.


Dems aren’t good at actually doing anything truly meaningful for minorities, so they make up for that by carrying hot sauce in their purse, using fake accents, and screaming out foreign words.

That’s exactly what Jill Biden did yesterday in California when she spoke to a group of farmers to celebrate “Cesar Chavez” day – ironically, Mr. Chaevez was a huge anti-immigration proponent.

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Jill’s delivered her speech to about 17 people.

Not sure why she had to travel all that way, and use all that jet fuel for 17 people – but she ended the speech by making a huge flub when she butchered the pronunciation of the Spanish term “Yes you can!”

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From New York Post 

First lady Jill Biden took a page out of her husband’s book and offered the internet a gaffe of her own this week, completely botching the pronunciation of the Spanish phrase “Sí se puede.”

The flub occurred Wednesday, when the first lady appeared at an event for farmworkers in Delano, Calif., alongside embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom to celebrate César Chávez Day, which honors the late Latin American civil rights activist.

While delivering remarks to the socially distanced crowd, Biden first noted that Chávez “understood that no matter the obstacles, when people come together united in a cause, anything is possible.

“Yes we can. Sí se puede,” she continued.

Later, while closing her speech, Biden said enthusiastically, “So say it with me, ‘Sí se pwaud-way,’ the future is ours. Thank you.”

She then waved as she walked away from the microphone, being met with light applause as she and Newsom began to depart the stage.

Trump supporter Robby Starbuck, who is also a candidate for a congressional seat in California, took to Twitter, where he filmed a video giving Jill a much-needed Spanish lesson, but even more importantly, he gave her some advice – STOP PANDERING TO MINORITIES AND JUST ACT NORMAL.

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I don’t think Jill can do it, do you?

You can watch the video below:

Robby is right – enough with this phony pandering.

It’s so outdated and just smacks of old-school Hillary Clinton political games – that’s not what Americans want.


We want realness, and we want people who treat us like Americans, not like a bottle of hot sauce.

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