[VIDEO] Leo Terrell Detonates Like a Nuclear Bomb All Over Geraldo Rivera

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During a fiery interview on Fox News civil rights attorney Leo Terrell detonated a nuclear bomb all over Geraldo’s bushy head.


The crazy incident started when host Bill Hemmer was discussing the soaring crime rates across the country.

He zeroed in on St, Louis, where the newly elected mayor basically said “thanks, but no thanks” to any white people running her city.

Her basic philosophy is that white people don’t know what it’s like to be a minority, therefore they can’t govern them.

(So, by that logic, how is Joe Biden playing ‘president’?)

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Leo Terrell took issue with that, and spoke out, claiming that this mayor was out of line in her way of thinking. He called it “offensive.”

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And that’s when Geraldo jumped in, and basically told Leo he wasn’t “black enough” to even discuss the issue.

Yes, Geraldo pulled the “you ain’t black” card on a black man.

And let me tell you this – that was not a smart move on Geraldo’s part – especially since Leo Terrell spent the bulk of his life as a civil rights attorney.

Leo went up one side of Geraldo and down another – and left him looking like a typical liberal idiot.

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You can watch the video below:

While Geraldo was investigating empty mafia tombs, Leo was working with black folks in the black community.


I don’t know what Geraldo was thinking … all he is doing is pushing more of the left’s divisive/hateful messaging.

It’s amazing to me how “subtly racist” the left truly is. They truly are the most bigoted people on the planet.


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