[VIDEO] Liberal Comedian Officially Leaves Dem Party, and Slams Them Hard On Way Out…

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The Democrat party has truly become one of the most rigid and polarizing groups in this country.

It started most prominently during Bush Jr’s time in office and since then it’s snowballed into a gigantic force of pure negativity.


There are plenty of Democrats who have woken up to this fact and have walked away from the party, but in Hollywood, it’s rare to see this phenomenon.

That is until Sarah Silverman, of all people, has now declared that she no longer wants to be associated with the toxic Democrat party.

And she slammed them pretty hard on the way out the door.

Check it out:

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You know things are bad when even Sarah Silverman starts speaking the truth.

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And there were plenty of others who agreed with her stance:

All I hear is “Whoops, just realized I’ve been shilling for the real nazi’s”.

She’s right that progressives’ absoluteness is toxic.

I agree w most policies on the left but can’t handle the absolutism and the regressive-not progressive-attitudes. And I am in disagreement w most policies on the right, even though the ppl are generally open-minded and more tolerant of differing ideas.

She’s absolutely correct. We’ve lost the notion or understanding of the best ideas. What’s best for the common good should be self-evident…and not decided upon down party lines…

I hope for her sake she’s waking up. Everyone should be gravely suspicious of any group/party/whatever that promises to have all of the solutions, if only we’d give them all the power.

This video is super relatable to me. I used to consider myself a Democrat, and looking back I feel like I escaped a cult. Good for her.


Gee, so much for all that Biden “unity” eh?

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