[VIDEO] Look at This Crowd of Patriots Who Gathered to Learn How to Change Bad Election Laws

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You probably know who Scott Presler is, if you don’t, you should. He’s amazing.


He’s literally one of President Trump’s biggest and best supporters.

Scott is best known for gathering huge crews of volunteers and going to filthy Dem-run cities and cleaning up the trash.

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Scott has gone to cities like Baltimore and LA and has made a huge impact on the environment by cleaning up these garbage-riddled cities and made life better for the forgotten residents, who Democrats have left behind.

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But since the sham 2020 election, Scott’s goals have shifted. Now, he’s going state to state teaching Americans about how they can enact “election integrity” in their communities and how they can become more active in their local political scene.

It’s amazing.


He’s doing these seminars, and A LOT of people are showing up.

Look at his latest in Phoenix, Arizona.

You can watch the video below:

I’ll tell you what folks, this is how we win.

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We all need to get a lot more active and involved in our local politics…I know I’m going to.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the disastrous 2020 election, it’s that we MUST flood our local politics with good, MAGA/America First patriots.


It’s the local elections and what’s happening on the ground that is so much more important than we ever realized.

If you’d like to organize a seminar near you, please message Scott on Twitter and see if he can help you.


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