[VIDEO] Look How Scared Cindy McCain is About The Arizona Audit

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There’s something really odd happening right now in America.


Biden voters are afraid. I mean, really, really afraid about the AZ audit.


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Shouldn’t all Americans want to ensure that our elections are done properly?

The answer is yes, of course, and especially after 75+ million Americans participated in an election that many truly believe was a sham.


If you have that many Americans who feel cheated, you should welcome any efforts to “set the record” straight.  Especially after our election system was flooded – for the first time ever – with zillions of “mail-in ballots.”

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This was a “unique” election, thanks to COVID and Dems, so it’s only natural that things should be investigated – of course, this should have been done back in November, but that’s another topic for another day.

So, when we see people like Cindy McCain, wife of traitor John McCain and avid Biden supporter, freak out over the audit, you have to wonder what her real motives are.

You can watch the video below:

Everyone knows that Biden didn’t get 82 million votes.

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The laughable impossibility of that happening is the quiet stuff that doesn’t get said out loud –  but we all know.

The handlers know, we know they know, they know we know…but the last thing any of these people want is for hard “proof” to leak out.


And that’s why CNN, Cindy McCain, and all the other communist mouthpieces are making the rounds on all the shows talking about how “useless” and “dangerous” this audit is, and making it seem like a “Q-conspiracy theory” instead of common sense transparency to make the American people feel better about the election process.


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