[VIDEO] Mark Levin Has a Totally Different “Take” On Why Dems Are Pushing “Racial Justice”

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There are many good things about the “Great One” Mark Levin – but the main one is how he’s able to see past the hype and chatter around an issue and get right to the heart of what’s actually happening.


You know who also does that? President Trump.

The thing about the Dems is that they’re always up to something. They’re doing one thing, but it’s just a small puzzle piece in a much bigger, way more diabolical thing.

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And, if you don’t see that, the big plan you never saw coming will smack you in the face a few years from now and you won’t know how it happened.

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And that’s what Mark Levin is seeing with the big “racial justice” push from the left.

He says that it has little to do with actual “justice” and more to do with disarming Americans.


Here’s what Mark said: George Floyd’s death was the fuse that lit the fires engulfing our nation in protests.

The Marxist left has seized this opportunity to tear our country apart, claiming the US is “systemically racist”, protests are “mostly peaceful” even as cities burn and innocent Americans die.

Now, in the wake of Daunte Wright’s shooting and the George Floyd murder trial, Congresswoman Maxine Waters enters the fray. Filled with hate and a disregard for the rule of law, she seeks to intimidate the George Floyd jury to secure a guilty verdict. As Mark reveals, she’s a hater and a race-baiter; and she just might be guilty of being an insurrectionist.

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You can watch the video below:

This is going to be a long four years – filled with one fight and battle after another.


Bt we need to stay engaged and keep pounding away. We may have lost a battle, but we did not – and will not – lose the war.

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