[VIDEO] Miami Under “State of Emergency” After Spring Breakers Brawl, Riot, Twerk on Cop Cars 

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Things are getting wild and out of control in South Beach.


A state of emergency was issued due to the fighting and “riot-like” conditions thanks to unruly spring breakers.

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In some bizarre instances, the media is trying to make it seem as if the “emergency orders” were issued due to COVID.

They just can’t stop talking about COVID, can they? It’s like Trump – they’re obsessed with it. CDS “Covid Derangement Syndrome.”

And when that didn’t work, media and liberals tried blaming Governor DeSantis…Not sure how twerking and fighting spring breakers would be his fault, but then again it’s our awful media and liberals, so what else would we expect from them?

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It appears that the emergency orders were issued because “Spring Break Miami Beach”  turned into a riot.

Watch these shocking videos below:


You can watch the videos below. Please be warned, graphic and violent footage:

During a CNN interview, the mayor of Miami Beach Dan Gelber said the following:

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“During the day, it’s pretty tame. People go to our 6.5 miles of beaches. The restaurants or hotels are doing a pretty good job with outdoor dining. But at night, in the entertainment district, it becomes a whole different scene. It feels like a rock concert. Wall-to-wall people over blocks and blocks. Last night, somebody shot a weapon in the air. There was a riot. Other things have happened that are similarly challenging. So it feels like a tinder. It feels like any match could set it off. We don’t want to wait to take these kinds of actions in the wake of a tremendous tragedy. We want to take it now when we’ve seen enough. We have definitely seen enough.”

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Sounds scary. Perhaps they’ll need the National Guard. Oh wait, they’re standing around bored “guarding” the DC Capitol.


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