[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Complains About Her Family Yet Again During Recent Interview

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In a candid new interview with the singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson, former First Lady Michelle Obama admitted that she is “tired of my husband,” the ex-President Barack Obama, after months in COVID-19 quarantine together.


“When I went to the White House, I asked Dr. Biden what is the first thing she would do post-pandemic,” Clarkson said. “So we know you are knitting now. She said, ‘get a martini and fries.’ So what are you going to do after knitting?”

“I need to just remind Jill that they actually do have plenty of fries and martinis at the White House,” Michelle replied. “You don’t need to wait. They got it all there. But I think maybe what she meant is that she wanted to have fries and a martini with some makeup on out in a restaurant somewhere. I’m in that same place, too.”

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“The first thing I want to do is get back out in the world. I want to go to a concert. I want to go to Broadway. I want to see a play,” the former First Lady added. “I want to be with people. I want to sit in a movie theater. I’m tired of my husband. I have heard everything he has to say, and it’s really fascinating. It really is. But I just need some other energy.”

“I get it,” Clarkson said in agreement. “I just want to go out with my girlfriends to a dinner, have some wine, have a good time.”


Throughout the past year, Michelle has been open about how tired her family is of one another after months in quarantine. When asked back in September by talk show host Rachael Ray if Barack and their two daughters were getting on her nerves in quarantine, Michelle emphatically responded, “Yes, girl! Ah, my God. They can.”

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“It’s really interesting, because sometimes Barack just comes into the room, and I’m in the middle of something, and he’s like, ‘What are you doing?’” Michelle said. “And I’m like, ‘Nothing. Nothing. Just please go.’ Sometimes you just don’t want to talk. You’re not ready for a check-in when they are.”


Americans everywhere will certainly be able to relate to some of Michelle’s feelings on a year of quarantining!


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