[VIDEO] New “Air Force One” Clip Has Many Wondering “What’s Wrong With Joe’s Arm?”

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There’s a new clip of Joe Biden getting on Air Force One that has people talking…


No, this time it’s not a “blooper” video of him falling, but it might be even stranger than watching him “stumble up” the stairs.

In this latest Air Force One clip, we see Joe successfully make his way up the stairs without face-planting, but what’s going on with his arm?

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A lot of people are wondering what the heck is happening with his left arm in particular.

I will say, it does look “odd.” His left arm is just dangling there and doesn’t appear to move much, besides gravity swinging it gently to and fro.


Most people swing both their arms at least a little when they walk.

A lot of folks claim this looks unnatural.

Many people are now asking “is something wrong?”

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Take a look and see what you think:

Here are some of the comments about Joe’s latest Air Force One clip:

“This is a stroke victim. Notice how it was his left leg that he favored when “the wind blew him down”.

“He forgot he had a left arm”

“Biden has had a stroke”

“Cuz he’s old?”

“Stroke? It was his left leg that gave out when he fell too”

“He’s a very old 78. It’s elder abuse the way his wife pushed him into a job that is waaaayyy above his capabilities.”

“One thing at a time. At least he made it up the stairs without tripping”

“That’s odd. It is so unatural it is hard to do.”

“Has a lot of similarities of Parkinson’s.”

“He might have had a stroke. The guys has had multiple brain aneurysms.”

“I’d like to know who the doctor was that conducted his physical and cleared him as a candidate and then president. He’s mentally unfit. And physically deteriorating.”

I don’t know if Joe’s arm is a sign of some bigger health issue – I’m not a doctor and not much of a conspiracy theorist – but I do think he may have hurt it during his fall.

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I went back and looked at the video of him falling, and he does put a lot of his weight on that arm, and at his age, that could cause an injury.

That could be why it seems “stiff” now.



Honestly, you can’t blame people for being suspicious.

The reason a lot of people scrutinize Joe and wonder about his health, both mental and physical, is because nobody believes that Joe is “healthy,” and all that’s wrong with him is a “childhood stutter.”

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Once again, if officials and the media were actually honest, and actually answered people’s questions and concerns, there would be a lot less “citizen investigating” and speculation.


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