[VIDEO] O’Reilly Says Big Change Occurred in Susan Rice’s Life Before Becoming Biden’s “Advisor” 

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Richard Grenell believes that the “real president” of the United States is Susan Rice.


He’s called her out as “president” by name.

This would make sense because she’s such a close personal friend and political advisor to Barack Obama.

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She’s also a disgraced and shameless liar. But she proved her loyalty to Obama and he’s routinely rewarded her along the way for it.

But this would be her biggest gig yet…playing “shadow president.”

Of course, Obama and his power-pals would be the ones really calling the shots, but they’d need a buffer between Joe the buffoon and Kamala the ditz, and that’s where reliable old Susan Rice comes in.


And O’Reilly has uncovered a very interesting little nugget about Ms. Rice.

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In the four short years that she was out of public office, Susan Rice has WILDlY increased her wealth.

I mean WILDLY.

Bill says the “increases” happened 4 times over the course of 4 years.

Now, according to Rice’s own filing documents from LAST WEEK, she’s now worth anywhere from 36-149 million dollars.


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That’s quite a range, right? And an awful lot of money for a “public servant” – who wasn’t even “serving” the public over the past 4 years.

Bill says she didn’t inherit the money – so where did she get it?

Well, Bill says he’s found one source, and you won’t believe what it is…

Hint: it’s not very “green.”

You can watch the video below:

Sure, Susan may have made some money during Trump’s amazing economy, many people did…But THAT much?

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No way.


There’s got to be more to this.

We know that Obama has been plotting his “third term” since Hillary lost in 2016.

The bottom line is this – the people who are “pulling Joe’s strings” are very, very wealthy and are all “public servants” who seem to hit it big during the four years Trump was is in office, and while Obama was gearing up for his comeback.

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Coinky dink?

I think not.


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