[VIDEO] President Trump Has Keen Observation on Biden’s Disastrous Fall Up the Stairs

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As I am sure you know by now, Joe Biden fell three times as he struggled to get up the stairs and onto Air Force One.


Biden, who lives in a fantasy world, still thinks he’s a sprite athletic man, and even brags about how he “runs” upstairs.

He even had the audacity to recently mock how President Trump “stumbles” down ramps.

Karma came calling for that comment…

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Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on and sees Biden for what he actually is: a weak, feeble and confused man struggling to communicate and shuffling when he walks.

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This is just more of the Biden “propaganda show,” where we’re told not to believe what we see and hear, and instead believe what we’re told by Dems and the media.

According to them, Biden isn’t a weak, feeble man with cognitive issues – ignore what you’re seeing in America – Biden is actually a strong, athletic man, with a childhood stutter.

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Anyway, we all know better, and Americans aren’t fooled by fake news, fake elections, and fake polls.

And speaking of “truth,” President Trump saw the video clip of Biden falling up the stairs, and he made a very keen observation.

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President Trump took one look at that disastrous fall, and said, “I didn’t lose to that guy.”

Amen, POTUS45.


You can watch the video below:


President Trump is right on the money, yet again.

And, he sounds great and looks great, to boot.


I don’t think I’ve seen him look so fresh and full of joy and life, as I have lately.

He’s beaming.


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