[VIDEO] Rare Look at Ted Cruz Showing Raw Emotions on Camera

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Ted Cruz and a delegation of other top Republicans have been at the U.S. Southern Border for the past two days and what they’ve witnessed thus far has shook them to the core.

Biden’s reversal of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy has completely destroyed stability at our border.


Instead of these migrants waiting in Mexico for their asylum claims to be processed, they’re now being held in vast numbers in overflowing detention centers here in the U.S., and often times many are just being released into the country to await their asylum hearings.

From NPR

He said the Trump administration implemented programs such as “Remain in Mexico”; made asylum agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; and stopped allowing unaccompanied migrants to remain in the United States following the last migration crisis in 2019.

He said his staff at U.S. Customs and Border Protection warned the Biden team that it would risk another crisis if it removed those programs.

“CBP would tell them and, in a sense, warn them, ‘If you remove this … this is the consequence for that. We will see a significant uptick,’ ” he said.

What’s occurring at the border is a travesty on both a humanitarian and economic level, and the most infuriating part about all of this is that it was 100% preventable.

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You can see the frustration from Ted Cruz and his fellow Republicans in this video, and in a rare moment of raw emotion, Cruz proclaims that they “Just saw a dead body floating in the Rio Grande!”

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Watch (Ted’s raw comments begin at 3:25, but entire video is worth watching):


This will forever be a lasting stain on the Biden administration.

And the most shocking part is that this is all occurring at just two months into his presidency.

Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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