[VIDEO] Richard Grenell Just Cornered Eric Swalwell Over Very Damning Comment He Made on July 2, 2020

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Richard Grenell just dropped a bomb on Eric Swalwell. It’s a little something that a lot of us would have missed if he didn’t bring it up…and I’m glad he did…But will anything be done?

Maybe not now, but if the Republicans take over the House in 2022 (which is very probable as long as we get the cheating voting under control).


The situation surrounds the now-debunked “bombshell” story about the Russians putting “bounties” on US soldier’s heads. The basic “nutshell” battle cry from Dems and the media was that Putin was running the show in the US – literally controlling the White House – and killing American servicemen abroad, while Trump knew all about it, and did nothing.

When the story first broke, I literally rolled my eyes. I could tell right away that it was just more of the same Russia BS that we’ve all been forced to listen to for 5 long, agonizing years.

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Well, it turns out that story was not real – those of us without TDS knew it was fake all along, but now we had the proof.

And it came by way of the Biden WH, who is now claiming that US Intel is walking back the story, and said there was never any actual sourcing or basically “reality” for the story.

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So, once again, this was another fake/propaganda story from our lying liberal media, designed just to try and destroy President Trump. There was no “actual bombshell” from the intel community – someone made the whole thing up.

And that’s where Richard Grenell comes in.

He recalled an MSNBC interview all the way back in July, where Rep. Swalwell went on the air and actually claimed that he personally “reviewed” the supposed US intelligence on the “Bounty” story and assured everyone that it was not a hoax.

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He “personally reviewed” it? How so? It didn’t exist…

So, now we know that was not true.

Was Eric the guy who was told to spread the fake story?


Here’s what Richard Grenell said: “There should be an immediate investigation of @ericswalwell – he said last year that he reviewed the intelligence surrounding the Russian bounty story and promised that it was not a hoax. He lied again about intelligence.”


Now, the question is how will the Republicans handle this moving forward.

God knows, Kevin McCarthy Isn’t exactly a house on fire (pun intended) when it comes to strong leadership, but these bums have to know that if they don’t start making some big, bold moves, all of their days will be numbered.

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And right now, we’re in an information war. Republicans should use every weapon and tool at their disposal to chip away at the enemy.

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